Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Wide-spreaded breathing mistakes during Ashtanga practice

1. Exhaling is much longer and intensive than inhaling. This was my mistake for a very long time. Nowadays I focus on inhaling. Exhaling is usually long enough. Thank you B for drawing my attention to this.
2. There is a danger to hold the breath. Especially when the asanas are demanding, when fear comes up, then we tend to hold the breath. But then it is especially important to relax to breathe evenly.
3. There are those who scarcely breathe, they have nothing heard about uddyjaj breathing. It is so.
4. And then there are those who start moaning during an Ashtanga practice. Thanks god not so many yogis/yoginis do this. The first time when I heard someone moaning I thought, what happened: Has someone found a more joyful game than doing asanas? Has someone started to play with himself/herself??? I searched with my eyes from where the moaning came, but everybody went on with the practice. Yes, from time to time a cry of pain could be heard from me too, when I arched back too far i.e. But to moan is simply not the appropriate technique during an Ashtanga practice, even though this might be relaxing.

When we practice Ashtanga yoga we practice uddyjaj breathing (hope the spelling is correct!). Hahahaha.

I deserve a few salad leaves now.
I am in a hurry. G is probably waiting for me already.

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