Monday, December 21, 2009

Up, yes up.

I had a few nightmares this night, short ones. I woke up, but could sleep soon again. Once I stood up to get me some water because I was thirsty. Sleep was not so relaxing with these breaks. The second cup of coffee is needed now.
Yoga disciplines me. If I hadn't the possibility to go to a Mysore class this morning, I would stay in bed. But so I got up. It is as if I have to go to work only much much better.......

I have the feeling that the intensive yoga I do now touches deeper levels of my body. This can be one reason why it became so important. Perhaps all the tension that is still stored in my body becomes pure energy? I shall see.

Back bending is the focus today.
I feel my back muscles, I feel my pectoral muscles. When practicing second series other muscles are used than when doing "only" primary.

Tralali, tralala, I can go to a Mysore class this morning.

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