Thursday, December 24, 2009

To give and to take - both is an art, a game

My beloved grandma used to return the Christmas presents often as soon as she has seen them with the words: "You like it more than I do." We all laughed about it. We knew her like that.
What a game these gift giving and receiving. It's a game with feelings, a play with our energy.

I wondered if I know what the people who are around me somehow want from me:
Do I know what my E wants from me? Yes I know and yes among other things he likes me to cook for him. This is something he can get in 2010....
Do I know what my parents want. Yes.
My friends, my fb-friends, my readers?
I think I know: Some want me to write my book, some want to converse with me because of the German language, some simply enjoy me perhaps because of my sense of humor :), some don't want to have contact at all (also this wish can be fulfilled), some like me to publish what I eat. Christmas reminds me to slip into the skin of the people I like to be with. What can I give to others is the question. It needn't to be expensive all the time. Not every wish can be fufilled. :)

I hope that everybody gets what he/she wants. If not I wish that you can laugh about all the giving-taking game. It's created to have fun. And the gift that we all have and most of the time forget: we are here on this earth, we are alive.

For me it is a huge gift to have readers, a surprise and a gift: Sometimes in the morning I say to my bf, when I've checked my statistic (which I do on a daily basis): Darling, do you know how many readers were on my blog today? 200, can you imagine this. Darling, do you know how many followers I have now, please guess? 117. Everything can be a joy, and my readers are a joy for me.

Live happens.


Tom said...

Ich freue mich schon auf die vielen Yoga-Blog Einträge in 2010. Dir schöne Weihnachten...!

Ursula said...

Vielen Dank Tom.

Dir auch schönes Üben und frohe Weihnachten.

Debb said...

Your post was a perfect gift for your devoted readers, Ursula!

My hope is that you derive benefits from posting as we readers feel so very blessed to have you as not only a yoga mentor but a mentor in how to live in the moment.. so important.. and to laugh at all that the holidays bring... a big cyber hug to you my cyber sister.. May you feel my energy of love and appreciation and gratitude for you!

Holiday Blessings Abound!

Ursula said...

A big big cyber hug to you back, dear Debb.

May you have relaxed day and not only today.

xoxo Ursula

Anna said...

Sorry I'm so crap at facebook - I don't really know what to do (I need lessons).

Ursula said...

OK, Anna, first lesson: upload a picture. I want to see you....:)