Saturday, December 12, 2009

This is my blues, yeah, this evening, my blues

I am drinking red wine, I eat chips, between these pleasures I do chores and from time to time I read in a book. I'm listening to blues music. Yes this is my blues today. I enjoy it. After this afternoon everything is accepted that is relaxing. Yes.

I relax......
And it was so good that I didn't practice yoga today.

Tomorrow my yoga week will start with primary.


Doug McMillan said...

Ah, tomorrow, tomorrow,
That moment that has not arrived,
For only this moment
The here and Now,
Am I alive!

Today I am 'Being', as always, but no Hatha Yoga for me, that can wait till Monday. I do enjoy following your daily blog log and I hope your weekend is a good one ;-)

Ursula said...

Yeah so alive and present. And relaxed.

Thank you for your comment.

Yes so alive.......and relaxed. Yeah. .......finally. Again. It belongs together. Tension - relaxation. Boredom - excitement. It's all part of the game called "The live".

Grimmly said...

Which blues ursula?

Ursula said...

I always fear that I write sometimes posts that nobody understand not eve me.

Good question grimmly.
Which blues? mmmmmm.