Sunday, December 06, 2009

Those who practice Ashtanga yoga surely need a certain willingness to bear pain

...or how Sharath summarized it: no pain, no gain.

I practiced primary today.
To engage uddyjana bandha is very helpful when jumping through. It makes the difference.
Despite these little successes pain was felt when stretching. This is part of it, I know. To know this makes it not easier to bear it. Except hanumanasana I did no extra pose, primary was enough. I stretched till my limits and then I breathed deeply.

Urdhva dhanurasna: I dropped back once. I always try now to keep the feet parallel. That way I drop back from a much higher position than with widely spread legs, feet showing outwards. This means that I feel it in the joints, there is a lot of pressure on it. I still need more flexibility in my hips and upper back, so that I can arch back a bit more.

This primary series was my preparation for the next week. It will be intensive again, I know it.
It's all coming, but slowly, very slowly......

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