Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The sofa trick

It is an asana for men - mayurasana. Even with the sofa trick I was not at all happy about the result. But I understand this pose a bit better now.
- The elbows have to be close together, which IS difficult.
- It is better to have an empty stomach when exercising it.
- So far I have no clue how to lift the legs. To try it when in padmasana shall be easier.
I played a bit with this pose, this is better than nothing. The pose and me have to get to know each other. :)
Time to dress, I will have dinner with B.


C.K. said...

Try bringing the hands together. Then place the elbows on either side of the navel.

Emma said...

elbows cant be in too close if you have to wear a bra :) at least that's my experience...

Ursula said...

Thank you Care, this helps a lot. I will try this this morning.

xoxo Ursula

I hope you are well.

Ursula said...

I only wear a bra when I take pictures and the pose allows it....

This shouldn't be the problem. But it is true because of the femala anatomy I thing it's a pose for men. But I saw so many women doing it, so it should be possible....

Mike in London said...

I think the 'trick' with this one is that your hands must be behind your centre of gravity. For women the centre of gravity is further back (more weight in the hips - I bet that's where those extra 2Kg are hiding!) compared to men, who have more weight in the upper body to help balance. Maybe get a weighted bra? hahaha! or open the angle at your elbows so that your upper body is further forward. I may not be able to do leg behind head - but being a man at least I can do this one. Merry Christmas

Ursula said...

Hi Mike,
I am sitting on the sofa of my parents, smiling.
Thanks for the recommendations, I will try them (and I will lose again the kilos on the wrong places of course.) I have to learn this pose as teacher M told me that if I cannot do this pose at least a little bit I won't get another pose. Hahahaha.

Merry merry Christmas. :)

Merry Christmas