Monday, December 14, 2009

Sirsasana (headstand) can be very relaxing

When I was in sirsasana today, I thought: and now I can sleep a bit......This pose is so relaxing now in comparison to all the other challenging asanas, that I can even consider a little nap when in this pose.
I practiced slowly, enjoyed the asanas. It was a very intensive practice. The limits were felt and I tried to push them.
M exercises karandavasana with me. How great is that. This is my new pose now. Smiling. I go into headstand then I do padmasana. I can do this alone. Next step is to put the flat hands on the floor and to lift the head. Help is needed when I bring my folded legs down and up again. My arms are strong, but not strong enough for this pose.
I was able to give so much again, that I couldn't hold my body when I did the last chaturanga dandasana. Yes, it was an intensive practice.

How I love to practice yoga.........


Anonymous said...

Unassisted lotus in handstand? Can we please have a video of that?

Ursula said...

Headstand! Yes, this I can do. I try to make a video of it. It is difficult, but it is on my list now. :)

Ursula said...

Thanks, I corrected this! It is of course headstand and not handstand!