Monday, December 21, 2009

The past is over....

I allow myself to look back from time to time, but not too long. The past is over. There are new things to come. A vacuum usually does not remain for a long time.
I am so excited about 2010.

Time to go downtown to buy the last Christmas presents......


Mary said...

Namaste Ursula,
I agree, it's good to learn from the past, but not to dwell on it. Like yourself, I'm just past 50 years young :), hitting my stride in my yoga practice and personal/work life, and I am looking forward to see what will unfold in the New Year (the last few years have been full of wonderful surprises!)
Happy Christmas
...wishing you beautiful adventures in 2010!

Ursula said...

Hi Mary, yes it is wonderful to live.

Me too, I wish you a beautiful exciting 2010. :)

In 2000 I couldn't imagine how life would be when I am 50. Now I know. :)

Lars said...

Tempus fugit, like the old Romanians said!

I wish you a pleasant, exciting 2010! What one could imagine is also able to happen.

Ursula said...

Yes Lars, this is so true...then many things can happen in 2010.

And for you, too, I wish you an exciting 2010.