Sunday, December 06, 2009

A passive exercise to open the upper chest

On the picture a pose is seen that opens the chest. Usually in Ashtanga yoga no props at all are used. Furniture yoga is a taboo. Nevertheless sometimes it can be very helpful. On the picture I use a block under my upper back and relax. The legs are supposed to be stretched but due to lack of space, I bent them........That way it all looks more curvy.


Anonymous said...

you have the mis conception about furniture yoga.It helps to open out small joints and streches small number of muscles you desire to work on very precisely and very efficently.If you try to understand it from different perspective then you be able to appreciate it more than by passing such remarks.hope that you shall learn and enjoy it.

Ursula said...

Hi Anon,
You see on the picture that I'm open to props and that I like to try almost everything.

I know that it is difficult to write a bit ironically, it often leads to misunderstanding. Of course I never want to injure somebody.

Take the post with humor. To write also means to entertain.
Namaste, Ursula

Anonymous said...

i am sorry i had no intention to offend you and your writing. blogs are meant to express your mind and your feelings. please carry on with your good work.that is the reason you have so many followers to your blog

Ursula said...

oh, the beginning of a new friendship.

Thanks for your comment Anon.

Everything is OK here and I see that you are OK, too.

So let's celebrate life.....