Friday, December 04, 2009

Oh, too exhausted for taking pictures

This is a good sign. I am exhausted. My intensive yoga week is over. It was great. And now my body needs a rest.

Savasana is so important for me. At home I omit this pose from time to time even though I know that especially this pose is important to me. Today during savasana I clinched my teeth. I was thinking of the past year, which entertained me with wonderful trips and other joyful events, but also not so pleasant occurrences. All sorts of feelings were lived in the past year. I don't think that the last year is supposed to be the topic during my relaxation at the end of a yoga session. After an intensive yoga practice it is easier to relax than out of the blue. M draw my attention to it. My face was not relaxed. But then I relaxed it and I had a wonderful savasana.

I'm learning, learning, learning. I'm sure that my practice becomes better when I have a relaxed, perhaps even passive approach.....

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