Sunday, December 06, 2009

Oh, I am up very early.....

It was before 6 a.m. when I opened my eyes. I felt well-rested and so I got up. I couldn't resist to step on the scales, naked (without glasses). I didn't like to falsify the result with my pyjama or glasses (hahahaha). The result gives me a possibility to predict how my practice will be. The less weight, the easier it is to bind marychiasana C and D. According to my weight I must have a good practice. But this is never the only criteria for a flexible body. My beverages are those of an ascetic person lately, too. No troubles for my joints should come from this direction. Now I can only be surprised.

Writing my journal comes first. I will turn on the heater and when my journal is written, the room should be warm enough so that I will have a sweaty practice.


Anna said...

Have you decided to shun alcohol for a while?

Ursula said...

Yes, Anna, that's why I had a glass of red wine this evening to the Chineese food.

I will suffer tomorrow. Grgghhh.