Monday, December 28, 2009

Nothing is for eternity

Nothing reminds me so much of the sentence "nothing is for eternity", than my yoga practice. I was stiff today and it was difficult to do poses that should be already easy. Pashasana i.e. was almost lost today, only the finger tips touched a bit and my heels were on a very thick book. Accept what is and go on, I thought. I did a few back bending asanas and a short closing sequence. I have enough for today. My tolerance to feel the stretching pain has reached its limit. I also don't want to frustrate myself with another weak asanas. What is good today, can be lost tomorrow and the other way round. Each moment is new and a surprise.

The sun is shining, time to enjoy nature. There is always something that distracts me.
This Christmas trip was again difficult emotionally.
Right now I want to sit naked in a sauna alone or with other naked people.
I want to sweat so much that I cannot think of anything else but the heat.
What I do is sitting here on the sofa eating pralinés.

Time to move, I must remember: we are not the doer, life happens.


Anna said...

I have had that feeling so much in my life - the yearning to escape and yet so much sitting around 'for now' and eating sugar... :-/

What would the world be like if we could be in alignment with our thoughts/beliefs/needs etc?

Ursula said...

Dear Anna, we all have survived another Christmas......

yes, a happy bus driver, a relaxed doctor, that would surely make the world a bit nicer.....