Saturday, December 05, 2009

No yoga today, smiling

I remember some time ago I didn't practice on Saturdays. I've read that this is a rule in the Ashtanga system and I wanted to follow the rules. Soon I gave it up not to practice on Saturdays, because this was one of the few days where I really had time to practice. During the week I was so busy due to my job. Sometimes I had only half an hour because time was so limited in the morning.

Today I won't practice because I feel that my body needs to rest. My yoga week was so intensive. I do not even feel like practicing. The rule to take a break once a week makes sense now.
I'm not the one who likes to follow rules only because it is a rule. It must be reasonable.

I will enjoy my yoga free day. I will have time for pranayama and meditation, writing and whatever.

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