Thursday, December 31, 2009

My last practice this year was great

I practiced, it was my last practice this year. Primary was on the schedule. I simply wanted to do it and the first surya namaskara A was difficult, stiff. But soon the body became softer and softer. Then I practiced without taking breaks. Flow was experienced.

I feel so good now. I could reach the wrists in marichyasana c and d. I cook hook my fingers when I did supta kurmasana. As an additional exercise I took my leg behind the head and today it was again possible (but not comfortable). Three times I lifted myself up into urdhva dhanurasana. These were the highlights.

What makes the body stiff, I wondered:
- In my case less weight is good.
- If I sleep too long the body becomes stiff, too. I want to have at least seven hours of sleep. But to sleep 9 or 10 hours is too much and the body becomes stiff.
- To be overstretched is not good, but this rarely happens to me nowadays. A danger is when I am in workshops. Then I usually do a bit too much.
- Cold weather or cold rooms influence the flexibility of the body.

For the next year: 7 hours of sleep shall be enough for me.

At 6 we (E, E's mother and me) go out to the Greek restaurant. I love it.
Till then I will live the sofa life: reading, writing, yes that's it.


Anna said...

Happy New Year, Ursula!

*** May we get all that we need in 2010 ***.

Sandra said...

Hi Ursula!

I hope you´ll have a great start into 2010- the new year will be wonderful, I'm sure!

Yoga and me took a break for a few months- I just don't know, why... I think, I was very unhappy with my practice. I always want too much and it was frustrating to see I'm so deficiant. I know, this shouldn't be the point, but for me, it was. Well- new year, new try, hm? I am thinking about Ashtanga, which I never tried. I think it could be helpful for me to work with concrete series so I can realize better what I "achieve". But I'm absolutely doubtful if I can do it. I gained weight again this year- my doctor and me are searching for the reason, it could be hyperinsulinism- just another reason to start again with yoga and do everything for body and mind, what I can! But do you think Ashtanga can be done with too much weight? I'm not sure... Maybe it can help me loose weight more than anusara yoga could? Oh, I don't know. Maybe I should just give it a try.

Best wishes for you! Enjoy your practice!

Ursula said...

Happy New Year Anna.

...and...we will get what we need, we will.......!!!!!

Ursula said...

Dear Sandra,

Of course you can do Ashtanga yoga also with more weight. We have one in our group, she has a wonderful practice and she is rather fat. But the body is beautiful because strong and flexible. You needn't to be slim to do Ashtanga yoga. And I have seen others in Mysore: second serious practitioner, not at all slim.
Even though Ashtanga yoga can help you to gain the weight you like. Do anything you love but move. Golf will not do.

I wish you that you find something for your body that has the potential to develop to a passion.

Give it again a try and feel mercy with yourself. So do I. We all get our challenges, they are only different.

Happy New Year to you.....

Sandra said...

Dear Ursula,
thank you for your kind words- they were exactly what I needed :o)

Happy new year!

Ursula said...

You are welcome, this was my attention.....

Happy new year and relaxed yoga practices.