Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lists are buzzing in my head

I will bring it to paper.
What do I want to learn in 2010:
- my English MUST improve........
- and I want to activate my French!
- second Ashtanga series
- I'd like to write better (to write is a craft, too)
- and I like to cook more often, it is experience, too.

Enough, enough, might it happen.


Claudia said...

Yes, those are niceee... my list looks like that only I also want some more travelling :-)

Anna said...

And your book! I'm waiting for those thin secrets...

Ursula said...

Hahahahaha Anna,
this is in the list "how I want to earn flees in 2010."

Thank you.

Claudia, I wish you some wonderful trips. In case you land in Germany, please let me know.....