Friday, December 25, 2009

At the jeweler

It had a reason why my father and me drove to B. The wristlet of the watch, the Christmas present from my mother for my father, was too long. Today every shops are closed, but as my parents have a good connection with the jeweler we could see him today to get the wristlet adjusted. After lunch the jeweler called us to tell us that he had time and that we could come. My grandma had already bought her rings and necklaces there. In the shop I found all different sorts of clocks and watches, it was a mixture of everything. I loved the atmosphere in this shop with patina.
The jeweler made the wristlet of the watch smaller. Then my father found it was too tight, then the jeweler made it larger again. He was very friendly.

It was cold outside.
I am pampered here.
But I like to be at my home in Munich, I am a lonesome wolf.
One of my activities in 2010 will be to improve my home in Munich. It is important to have a nice space.

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