Saturday, December 26, 2009

It needn't to be me all the time.....

Learning: It needn't to be me all the time who invents topics of conversation. Others have topics, too. :)
It's my last evening here on the sofa. I will read.
Picture: Autumn, also painted by my mother.


Anna said...

Thank you for the poem! My brother is translating it for me!

True, Ursula this is such a valuable lesson to learn - and such a relief to realise it - that we do not need to be the one who 'entertains' all the time, who starts the conversations and works to ensure that gatherings go well. It is not our sole responsibility. Others can do it (of course we must be relaxed enough to let them).

Ursula said...

Yes, yes, yes, I tend to feel responsible for everything. I can stand silence. Shall others fill the vacuum from time to time. Live happens....:)