Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I preach it, I must believe myself in what I preach

To practice is all I can do. The body was stiff. I couldn't reach the fingers in pashasana. The 2 pounds that I gained in Dubai made it difficult. Whatever.

Kapotasana: Pictures don't lie. It will take years till I will be able to reach my toes with my finger tips. It makes sense to define more reachable goals, i.e. going down where my malas start.
The exercise on the picture I've learned from Swenson's book. It is helpful. The wall gives support and one can focus on breathing and relaxing. Inch by inch I will approach the correct form. Oh oh oh.
Urdhva dhanurasana: I try to drop back while my outer sides of the feet are parallel. I also try to keep the legs straight. It is important for me to drop back, I feel already how fear comes up. I must exercise it also when I do not practice it correctly (knees bowing, feet pointing outward).
It shall be enough for today. My body is much softer than this morning. Ha.

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