Thursday, December 17, 2009

I had to warm his hands first

7:30: I jumped out of my bed. Within 30 min I had to be at the dentist. This was impossible. Quickly I showered put on my jeans and left the house in a hurry. Snow came down. I had to walk slowly to the subway as it seemed to be slippery outside. I was late, not on time, but my dentist had still time for me.
I had to warm his hands first, he had icy hands. It was his birthday, so I quickly had a birthday present. It was a nice situation. Me on this chair warming the cold hands of this man. "Do you like an injection?" he asked me. "No", I answered, "I like to feel what's going on." "Me, too", he answered. Am I glad, no crown was necessary and am my teeth are well-groomed nowadays. I brush them after every meal. This is true.

Then I walked home through the snow flakes. Time for my first cup of coffee. First I will write my journal and then I will practice primary Asthanga series. Yepeeeee.

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