Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How I prepare my morning practice

How do I motivate myself to practice yoga?

-I roll out my mat.
-My cups of black coffee help.
-I study Sweeney's book before my practice. I look at the pictures and the wish comes up that I want to do be able to do all the poses that I can see there.
-I heat my yoga room.
-I'm up for a while already, after a few hours up, my body is more flexible. It makes it easier to start.
-I make a good smell in my room with oils.
-My yoga-blog helps. I know I want to write about yoga and not so much about all the other things.
-I know: a daily practice is the secret for progress.


Anna said...

You roll your mat out!

Ursula said...

Yes I do! wink.

You see how strong habits are. :)
It is only a question of having the useful habits.

Leaf Dharma said...

Early in the morning I roll onto my mat.

Ursula said...

Hahahahha lol, yes, I know what you mean Leaf Dharma.