Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The hot bath made my body soft and flexible

I just finished my morning practice. It's 4 p.m. Time seems to play no role in my life anymore.
But my yoga plays a role in my life. Due to the hot bath in the morning, my body was soft and flexible. I was able to go deep into the asanas. (A morning bath won't become a routine in my life, it is simply too time-consuming.)

There are 2 asanas of the second series I am not able to do alone. It is dwi pada sirsasana (both legs behind the head, while upright) and karandavasana (not being able to do pincha mayurasana, I'm also not able to do karandavasana).
All the other asanas I can exercise somehow. Also kapotasana, this deep back bending I can practice alone. I can arch back while on my knees, I can press myself up from the floor.

But to take both of my legs behind the head is not possible as the legs do not remain alone there. One hand must hold a leg and then I am no more able to take the other leg that much upwards. Nevertheless as eka pada sirsasana is improving, dwi pada sirsasana will improve, too. I repeat myself, but it is so true: the breath always helps.

And now I eat an apple and a chocolate soy yogurt. I want to lose again the 2 kg. It is so easy to gain weight, it drives me crazy.

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