Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Focus, focus, focus

What is good is worth repeating......
Equally important than the asanas is the focus. I usually focus on the breath. When I stretch and it hurts, we all know this positive stretching pain (if nothing is felt, nothing will happen), then I focus even more on my deep breath. This makes the pain more bearable.

Focus is also something we can apply in life. On the mat it is probably easier to learn it, but it is equally useful in life. If something hurts or bothers me, I focus on the breath.....hahahaha.

I had an excellent practice. Some remarks:
Garbha pindasana: After this pose (see link) I role backwards and forwards till a circle is done. In former times one should role 9 times nowadays it is 5 times till the circle is complete. What I didn't know is that I'm supposed to come up so far that I can hold the pose. Then I role back again, turn in the right direction and up again. But for a second the pose must be held. That way the transition to kukkutasana becomes a balancing exercise.
Urdhva dhanurasana: My feet are now on the mat when I drop back and they are parallel. My arms go over the sides again and not over the head when I drop back. This makes it easier. I drop back from a much higher position, when my feet are parallel and on the mat. I think this is progress. Chaturanga dandasana: My practice was very intensive lately. In the end I often cannot hold chaturanga dandasana anymore. My arms are too weak. My mistake is to let the arms do the entire work. If the entire body (legs, uddyjana bandha) is engaged, the pose becomes easier.

My body was surprisingly soft today. At the end I took a picture and this shocked me. I was already cold, nevertheless, when I do this back bending I think my arms are almost parallel to the floor. What I see is, that I am far away from being parallel.
From here I have to go on. I want to speed up the process, but I know this is not possible. What is possible is to work every day on that back bending. I must be glad for every inch that I go deeper into this pose.
...and now a magnesium pill for my muscles.


Maria said...

Why is it, that it's changed to roll five times now? This was new to me.

Ursula said...

It is so. I've never heard a reason for this. I personally do not count when I roll. But now I come up so far that I can stay in the position.