Sunday, December 13, 2009


fb stand for facebook. And facebook has new privacy settings. It is important to think about it.
It is strange but I feel much more private on my blog site than on fb even though the entire world can find my blog theoretically. The reason: I cannot be found via my full name. Someone must know that I've a passion for yoga. Employers i.e. or new people that I get to know usually do not find me in the net. I also write in English, which is a barrier for many Germans. In the meantime I fear yogis in Munich know that I blog.

There are 2 main questions:
First: What do I want to show to whom?
Second: How to adjust fb privacy settings to my wishes?

Back to fb:
1. I decided I don't want to be found via google with my profile picture, my fb-friends and which groups I've joined. Now if someone googles me he/she can find out that I am on fb, that's all. I'd like to change this, too, but I don't know how. (Any help available?) Nobody needs to know that I am on facebook. It is possible to ask me.

2. Facebook has 34 million user. All these user can see my profile picture. This is OK. I know this and I can decide what I show and what not. Some users find that I am cute and want to be a friend with me. Why not. In the beginning I used facebook only as a communication tool for friends I know. But it has more possibilities. Why not to get to know new people. It can be very interesting.....
I wonder if I like that every fb-user can see my friends. I tend to be generous here. Why not. I am an open person. Neverhteless this is something I like to discuss. I also don't know how to change this and I'd like to know how to change this. This can be important during times when I write applications. Then I want to have as much control as possible over the information I give to others.
But I know that I do not want that everybody can see where I am a fan, which groups I've joined and so on. If someone wants to know this he/she must be a friend of mine. But I don't know how to change this setting. Help is appreciated.

I changed all the privacy settings to "friends only". Available is "friends of friends" and "everyone". Everyone can send me a message and everyone can add me as a friend and everyone can see my profile pictures and so far my friends and my groups (what I want to change, but I don't know how as already mentioned).

So far I haven't seen through all consequences. It is a topic to discuss.
Comments are appreciated.

And if someone knows how to hide my joined groups, please don't hesitate to tell me. Thanks.


Arturo said...

hi Ursula
yes, i hope we can learn together what the best settings are.

Ursula said...

Yes dear Arturo, lets learn together. I think it is important.

I checked a few people. And they are all on google with all their friends and favourite pages and profile picture. I am not sure if they all want this.

I want to remove my fan and favourite pages. I don't know how. Let's see if anyone can give helpful infos.

Not everybody needs to know everything of my modest life....

mangotree said...

I don't use facebook, but if you want to make sure people cannot come across your blog by looking for you, you can make a choice for your blog not to be searchable via search engines like google and others
I chose that, as I didn't want people to be able to google me, as I sometimes write about my work and didn't want my colleagues to know about my work related worries

Ursula said...

Hi mangotree,
Thank you for your comment, but I don't care about my blog. It IS public and I like to have readers.

Facebook is something different, more private and I can be identified by my name. I don't want to that everybody knows that I am a fan of.....whatever. So far this can be checked out by fb users. My profile is no more seen on google.