Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Coffee, coffee, coffee.......

I can smell this wonderful black coffee already. Ahhhhh.
With my hot black coffee, the day starts simply gorgeous. Ahhhhh, another gulp
During the night I turn off the heater. Quickly I turn them on in the morning. It is the coffee that warms me from inside in the morning.

I will practice alone at home today. How will it be, I wonder. My weak point at home is that I am so distracted. It would be good to remain on the mat. Concentration, focus, is important like the asanas.

M had a wonderful metaphor yesterday, when he compared the practice with a pencil. The inside is more important than the wood around the graphite.


Anna said...


Anna said...

Ursula I'm sacked!

Ursula said...

My spelling check didn't function this morning. :)

Glad to have you......