Thursday, December 17, 2009

Back from the party

which was great, because I laughed...and soon I will go to bed. What a healthy life style. :)

I have time to look back of the year 2009: It was a very emotional year. I was hated and loved, not a bit, but very much, hated and loved. I'm obviously provocative. Hate is not a feeling that is with me. I scarcely hate and I didn't feel hate in the last year, but love and a lot of other feelings, too.
It's strange but some seeds start growing already. I know already that the year 2010 will become a most exciting one in different areas in my life. I only have to go with the flow.
The first time ever I have the possibility to practice my beloved Ashtanga yoga 3 times a week in a group with a teacher. What a future lies before me. :)
I enjoy my long-term friends, and I make new ones.

Important is my list: how to earn money. This is the greatest secret also for me and THE challenge.
Travelling will probably happen too, but not to India.
Life remains interesting.
Now I must go to bed.


ajaykumar said...

Hated? You? Not possible.

Ursula said...

Smiling, thank you, you are sweet. :)