Thursday, December 24, 2009

At home

I am at home. Time to enjoy the beautiful things with you. Thank you for accompanying me through my exciting year. I wish you all merry Christmas. Thanks for reading and commenting. Take it easy, have a relaxed time.


Anna said...

Dearest Ursula -
Thank you for posting so much and keeping me amused, entertained, thoughtful and hopeful. I am determined to get to 52/3 kilos, get my back (SI joint) sorted out and get back into regular yoga. Also, maybe I'll see you in Munchen!

Und im See bespiegelt
Sich die reifende Frucht.

Ursula said...

Dearest Anna,

Thank you so much.

The most precious gift is to have friends. Thank you for your friendship.

I love the poem. :)

Yes, and we meet in Munich, I will show you wonderful places....

xoxo U