Tuesday, December 22, 2009

...and now the energy to go on leaves me

I did chores first. I ironed and did the dishes, made the bed, put clothes in the washing machine and later on the hanger.
But finally I started with my yoga practice. And now after the standing sequence energy to go on left me. My body is cold again.......
It is so much more difficult to practice alone.


Lars said...

is it really difficult? I think it is a pleasure to practice on my own, becvause I can go on in my rhytmn, no one distracts me, this is my time!

I wish you a pleasant practice! Warm-up again and then the energy will be back.

Ursula said...

Yes, sometimes it is difficult for me to practice alone, not to have the group pressure.

I love your idea: simply to warm-up again and here we go, the show can go on......:)

Doug McMillan said...

Well that's just great Ursula but did you visit my blog, did you huh, did you? I mean it's all right doing all this boring stuff but what about the really important things like reading some of my poetry, huh, HUH???

Lars said...

I will share a beautiful and trrue quotation with you. I mean in german it is nicer, so feel free to translate it.

Dein Körper ist dein Zuhause.
Täglich. Ein Leben lang.

So, take care of the body. Every day. Like cleansing and repairing a house.

Ursula said...

So true Lars, and when I may add something.

Everything we can avoid, but not ourselves. It's really worth to do something good to us. Daily.

And Doug wrote us something for the heart???
I will read it.

Ursula said...

Oh Doug, romantic feelings also in England....:)

Doug McMillan said...

Yes, we are also human, ha, ha . . actually I'm only part English. Don't ask which part, but I don't think it's my heart somehow . . .

My Mum and her family are from Belgium and Holland and My Dad's side of the family originated in Scotland with a very strong Celtic background.

'Born in England I was, but nationalistic am not' (to be read in a Yoda voice for full impact!)

Thanks for your kind comments and . . . .See you back on facebook :)

Ursula said...

Oh very interesting. This is really intertational.

I used to say: I was born in Germany but I am a citizen of this world.

Unfortunately people who meet me think that I am typical German. I couldn't figure out why. Perhaps because I am always on time.

No, I never had "national feelings". I think European....and love the world, yes, this is good now, till I found a better sentence.