Monday, December 28, 2009

Ah, internet connection

E. connected me to the internet. I was reflecting to take a blogging break. But why?
I have a connection, why not write.....mmmmm.

I am in the north of Germany now. It is cold and grey here. There is a little lake not so far away from here. This afternoon I'd like to take a walk to that place where people camp during summer time. I hope that I can take some nice pictures of the nature. A walk wouldn't be so bad for E either.

But first I will practice. I need it. I don't think that I've gained weight. But to sit on sofas all the time is not what I can stand for a long time. To live means to move.
Ah this is already a plan.
Yoga, then a walk to the lake, then I will have probably time to read my Coehlo and then dinner.
Tomorrow we'll drive to Hannover, to have coffee there and to shop a bit perhaps.
And after tomorrow, we'll drive home. Yepeeeeee. I like to be with myself at home, in my mess.
(Yes, I feel a bit unthankful because I already want to be at home....)

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