Monday, October 05, 2009

Yeah, done, my morning ??? practice

I don't know if this was a good practice this morning or not, but I know that I sweated again.

The only change that happens is that I stretch my arms backwards when I drop down into urdhva dhanurasana. There is simply not enough space to lead the arms backwards next to my body. I bit more courage is needed for this. But I have confidence now that my arms will be able to hold my body. I stretch them towards the mat and they are able to hold me.

Picture: Ubhaya padanghustasana - I have to learn all names of the asana. From now on I will start the asana with saying silently the name of it. To know the names is somehow important, too. Ubhaya padanghustasana is a balancing pose. The crucial point is to come up from halasana with straight legs. I can do this. the trick is to stretch the legs in order to balance. Bandhas help as well.

The rain has stopped. Time to make a plan for the day...........


tanya said...

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Secondly there is lecture on Gita one of the most read scriptures in Hindu mythology by Mrs Jaya Row at Bhariya Vidya Bhavan Chowpatty form Oct 6 to 10 in the eveing from 6 to 8pm Since you are here you should take advantage of this programme as she is travelled all over the world giving talks on this subject.

Nuno said...

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Ursula said...

Thank you tanya for your recommendation. I will try to get to a yoga class here.

Thank you Nuno for telling me.