Sunday, October 18, 2009

A wonderful practice happened

I found myself on my mat practicing second series.
Oh, and I sweated, what I love.

Pashasana: This pose comes and goes with the weight. The performance of pashasana was great today. This tells me that I must have lost weight. The battery of my scales are empty, but my yoga trousers are sliding downwards when I walk around in my rooms. I have to adjust them all the time. This is enough proof that I must have lost some weight. It's good for my practice, especially good for the first pose of the second Ashtanga series - pashasana. Only the blanket separated the soles of my feet from the floor. With my head I balanced the body when I rolled back after having hooked the fingers. I had the first time the feeling that it could be possible to catch the wrist one day.

The position of the head is a topic for me now. In many poses the head goes backwards. To gain flexibility here helps to perform various poses. When starting with the surya namaskaras the head goes back already. I deepened this movement today.

Laghu vajrasana: No way to come up. I was quickly frustrated and tried it only once.
Urdhva dhanurasana: I could go deep into the pose and I even enjoyed it. I have control over my body when I drop back. I didn't even try to come up. When I do not try I will never come up, I know this, but my tolerance of frustration had reached its limit when I couldn't move a bit when doing laghu vajrasana.

When I saw E. sleeping in bed, I remembered that me, too, I deserve the 5 min relaxation at the end.

It was a great practice. I will study now the position of the head in Matthew Sweeneys book "Ashtanga yoga as it is". I can't get enough of yoga.......

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