Monday, October 19, 2009

When you are sad......

When you are sad, don't ask: why? WHY? WHY ME?
Instead ask: Who is it, who is sad?

I quote from the book "perfect, brilliant, stillness" by David Carse, page 189:
"Suffering and pain raise questions like nothing else does. Inquire into it; investigate it. The "Why?" question gets nowhere; that is only the ego/mind seeking for nonexistent control. It will never be satisfied, and leads only to resentment and more suffering. Instead, investigate into the suffering. Who is it that is suffering? From whose perspective is this unacceptable?
Buddha said, samsara is dhuka. Taking the dream to be real is not what causes suffering; it is the suffering. The only possible solution to the question of evil and suffering is to see through the illusion. Suffering in all its forms is the greatest invitation to awaken, and it is never far away."

Picture is taken in India - Ganeshpuri Ashram.

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