Thursday, October 08, 2009

Wake up, Sid.

Romantic love in India: Yesterday M and me and friends (an Indian couple) watched the movie "Wake up, Sid". Watching this movie I learned a lot about the Indian youth and their life style. I saw a story about a man who had to find his way in life (professionally) but last but not least it was a love story. Standing on his own feet he finally also realized that this beautiful girl (who was very independent) loved him and he loved her. The role of the woman was great. She went to Mumbai alone, had a job in a magazine. She was ambitious, beautiful, smart. The man seemed to be too pampered by his mother. He failed his exam because he didn't study. But finally he became a photographer, because the woman introduced him to a boss of the company she was working for.
So the Indian youth loves to dance. They even drink alcohol. They love to eat pizza. All the time they ate pizza. But sex is a tabu. The young man lived with this beautiful woman in her flat because he had left his parents (not in peace). The man slept always next to the bed which was large enough for 2 people. There were even 2 pillows, but the woman took the second one also for herself. Only once it happened that they hugged each other on the bed. But the next morning he had a pillow in his arms and she was laying next to the bed. I remember another for me Indian scene: The couple was washing clothes by hand. Suddenly he washed her underwear. Quickly she took it away from him.
Finally the man woke up, became successful and realized the love between the both. And I thought he would move again to his parents after the reconciliation with them. He had moved already. The last picture was: He took his fathers car and drove to a place where the couple had been from time to time. There she was already standing wet from head to toe from the rain. Soon he was wet from head to toe, too. (BTW it was Choupaddy Beach where they met, see my pictures). It was night. Then he hugged her and he said loudly "I love you". She: "I love you". No kiss on the mouth, nothing, only hugging in the rain. So romantic. She was smiling happily.
Mumbai as background was wonderful.
The very last picture: Young people were dancing to rocking Indian music. Life is beautiful.
The moral of the story: alcohol yes, pizza yes, romantic love yes, sex no (it is a no-no). And of course a man too has to find a job for himself, a passion? And he also has to help cleaning the dishes and cooking, even this is not so easy for a man. The relationships between man and woman were described as a partnership.
When we entered the theatre my bag was checked. Upstairs my bag was checked again. I had to give the battery of my camera to the guard. Later I could pick it up again. The theatre was air-conditioned with very comfortable seats. The sound system was best. From every seat one could see the movie.
BTW: I saw the movie in Hindi. An interesting side mark. From time to time the people said sentences in English. It's like in Germany. Slowly the English language get mixed with the the original language. In India this is even more obvious than in Germany.
Chinese restaurant: Afterwards we went to a Chinese restaurant. It was really one of the posh restaurants. (Air conditioned, white table clothes, well-dressed clients, many male service persons all dressed in suits) We had different starters which were delicious and came with different spicy sauces. Oh, we had also best wines. Our only man really cared for us so that we wouldn't miss anything. We talked about spirituality, Osho, Ramesh, meditation, the movie, some personal stuff, too.
The chauffeur of the couple drove us home at the end of this evening.
Today I slept too long, till 10. I was in bed a bit after midnight. Grghhhhh. Accept what is, I think, this is the smartest way to live. Go with the flow.
My yoga moon day was great. But today I will practice again, back bending.

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