Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Urdhva dhanurasana Okt 09

Again a video on urdhva dhanurasna. The last one was in Sept 09, more than 1 month back.

What has changed so far?

I am able now to drop back while my arms are stretched over the head. I started this in Mumbai. I had not enough space in my room to bring the arms via the sides over the head.

First I messure with my fingertips how far I arched back. When the finger tips can touch the calves the back should be arched enough. Then I take my hands in prayer position in front of the chest. Interesting is, that the hands can help to push the chest a bit more downwards. Then I stretch my arms. I am still full in control of the movement. Then I drop back.

When filming the performance is always a bit different. Nevertheless I think I could do the whole process a bit slower. I should give my body time to relax into tho pose.

No attempts were done to come up. Ah. This I should change. I needn't judge when I do not come up. But a tiny attempt, yes, this should be good. Next time.

And I see that I've lost a bit of weight. This helps also. May I remain so slim.

Time for a cup of tea........for me and my ill boyfriend.


Kevin said...

great dropback Ursula.

Ursula said...

Thank you Kevin.

How is your drop back, do you practice it regularily?

After this morning I know that I have to modify it: bo bending knees, feet parallel. Always new challanges......

Kevin said...

I practice every day, but progress is very slow.On the beach in Australia it seemed much easier, back home the mat looks too far away.

Dena told me to melt like chocolate into backbend, after all that chocolate last week they should be much better!