Sunday, October 04, 2009

A sweaty affair, my yoga practice today

What else can one do on a rainy day, but practicing yoga. The surprise was that I was also sweating on such a rainy rather fresh day.
Pashasana has left me for today. It was scarcely possible to hook the fingers.
Bhekasana (picture): I'm learning through my picture. I wonder i.e. why I look up the sky. Dristhi is the nose. The dristhis are neglected. I try to keep the eyes steady, but often I'm not sure where to look. The fingers are still far away from the floor and they could be closed. The elbows could be a bit more apart from each other. It's good to know the direction.
I stopped after laghu vajrasana. Today I could come up from this pose. The trick seems to be to press the shin into the floor and to push the calves outwardly. In addition one must use the leg muscles, hips must go forward and that's it. Then to come up seems to be possible.


C.K. said...

I think that pose is called Bhekasana (frog). In many backbends, the gazing point is the nose-tip.

Ursula said...

Thank you Cara,
It's a shame that I do not know the asanas by name. I will work on this.

So far I have neglected the dristis. I realize this when I take pictures. Then I wonder where to look at.

Greetings to you.

Singing Bowl said...

I just found your blog. Great articles and well written. Namaste!

C.K. said...

Greetings to you! Thank you for all of the updates and wonderful photos. It's like we are there with you.
Om shanti,

Ursula said...

It's my pleassure Cara.
Oh it would be nice to have you here. I know at least one perfect (safe) restaurant. And the one yesterday that I tried was good too. My stomach is still OK. I drink a Coca Cola with it. I think Coca Cola will kill everything that is not good for me.

It's raining now. You know what this means. A river is coming down the sky. But people like it as it is cooler then.

It was not my last time here in India and I hope we'll see again here.

Greetings from our beloved India


Ursula said...

Thank you singing bowl - enjoy. :)

Ursula said...

....and promised, I will again publish more pictures of India, I have so many already.

Anonymous said...

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