Saturday, October 17, 2009

So flexible today

The breath cleared my head and my nose. And I thought I wouldn't be able to breathe deeply. And one more time a word on the breath: I am convinced that being told to focus on the breath during the practice is not a schikanery, but a help. The breath helps going deeper into the asanas. It cannot be said often enough.

Full vinyasa today. Every asana was done. I sweated.
I needed breaks, this was OK.
It was a surprise that I was so flexible today.
Hanumanasna is again part of my practice. I need a carpet so that my feet can slide on it to do it.
I dropped back three times, nevertheless I feel somehow stuck with urdhva dhanurasana. How to come up? How to come up? I try to bring the hands closer to the legs. I try to bring the feet closer together. That's what I try, and of course being patient.

Time to have breakfast and time to relax on my bed. I am shocked, it is already 1:40 p.m.. Impossible.

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