Saturday, October 10, 2009

Self-study is a must

I practiced, I sweated, this all is not new.
Usually when we practice the first Ashtanga series, we think of forward bending. This is surely true. But it can also lead to a misunderstanding. In most poses (there are a few exceptions) the hips shall open. The back remains straight. For me the first series became a hip opening practice. In order to keep the back straight it is helpful to use the bandhas when exhaling, both bandhas (belly in and the internal lock - mulha bandha and uddjyana bandha). We also stretch the body, the legs (hamstrings), but also the upper body (the spine).
If this is understood, aspirants wouldn't round their backs anymore only to touch the legs with their heads in paschimottanasana i.e. . It is stretching, the legs, stretching the upper body and hip opening)

So for me the first series became more and more a hip opening and strength building series.

I practice also patience. I have to. When doing urdhva dhanurasna I try to direct the hands closer to the feet when I drop back. The point where I cannot hold myself is still to high. When I want to come up I have to reach this point only the other way round. I do not have so much strength to come up so far. I think I should try to arch more and I need more strength in my legs. Enough challenges. To drop back still satisfies me somehow. I love it.

My body was soft and willing today. I enjoyed the pain that was felt when I stretched my body to my personal limits.
Only my right shoulder bothers me. It hurts. But it will heal, too.

A tabu: At least once it should be written in that blog. Usually we practice in the morning because it makes sense to practice with an empty stomach. But also the bowel should be empty. It makes sense to go to the restrooms before practicing. This can also become a habit. The body can be trained for it. To practice with and empty stomach and an empty bowel makes a difference like day and night.

Much fun with your practice. Keep the back straight, deep inhaling, deep exhaling.


Globie said...

Next Saturday Chocolate :-)

Ursula said...

I'll be back on time. :)
Chocolate is available here too. Best chocolate.
But it shall be Paris. Why not.

Globie said...

Chocolate in hot countries does not taste the same, I think they add something to stop it melting.

You had better have something warm to wear, its chilly in Europe now.

Ursula said...

I see, you are the expert......