Sunday, October 04, 2009

Satsang this morning

10 people gathered at Rs house to watch a video by Ramesh Balsekar.
There were funny moments as well during those satsangs at Rameshs house.
One man was saying i.e.: I was analyzing my life.
Ramesh didn't get it and asked: What? You were analyzing your wife???.

It's still raining and now I'm sure it won't stop before midnight. There is even thunder and lightening.

Time to do yoga.

Picture: View out of the window in Breach Candy, Mumbai.


Danil said...


I guess it was me who pronounced "life" as "wife". I remember this moment clearly!

Thank you for your records about Master Ramesh. I would like to translate them and put in my website on the page dedicated to Ramesh.

Ursula said...

Hello Danil,

Thank you for commenting.

Of course you can translate my records and put it on your website.

Name the source.....:)

All the best


Danils said...

It is

Russian language only (Latvian website, though), but I hope it's all right ;)