Saturday, October 17, 2009

On the scene of the enlightened ones

There are the enlighented persons.
There are those who think they are enlightened, but all the other people think that this person is not enlightened.
There are even those who think that they are enlightened, but point at those telling that the other one is not enlightened. This exists. I read it in books from time to time.

There are enlightened ones, not making a fuss out of it.
There are enlighened ones, who start spreading the message how to become enlightened and how wonderful it is to be enlightened.

The scene is colorful.

And me: Of course enlightened, but I always forget it. Hahahahahaha.
(Who thinks secretly now that I am not enlightened????? Hahahahahahaha.)
PS: Does this really matter?

Blogging before enlightenment, blogging after enlightenment.


Mahi said...

Moments of clarity as suppose to a permanent state? I guess it's easy to get carried away with such strong experiences. Our strongest longing - to be undivided.

Anonymous said...

blogging somewhere in between?

Ursula said...

....yeah and trying to live from moment to moment being always surprised what comes in the next moment.......