Thursday, October 08, 2009

On my practice today

In general I'm more flexible here than in Germany. It's hot here and this makes the body flexible.
Pashasana is back. How nice. I could hook the fingers and I could hold myself. The blanket supported me, but I'm no more far away from the floor with my heels.
No way to come up from laghu vajrasana. I'm thinking of a strategy to build leg muscles. To hold the hero poses longer might help.
I dropped back 5 times into urdhva dhanurasana with the arms over the head. Also here, no way to come up. I must practice patience.
My practices here are long and focused. I enjoy it.

(My right shoulder hurts and is fed up carrying around all my stuff. My skin burns. I just put lotion on it. The cold shower was wonderful on the skin. I try to cool the burnt parts with my hands. In vain.)

Picture: Taken at the Gateway, yesterday.

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