Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My voice is needed for a Bollywood movie

This is true.
Tomorrow is my yoga moon day.
I have a job in the Bollywood industry. At 10 we shall be there. People were needed who can speak English. We get even paid: 1000 Rupees (this is about 20 Euro) and free lunch.

This money is already spent. How? Read next pose.

Picture: It's a Krishna temple somewhere in Mumbai


Anna said...

In Ahmedabhad, we went to an open air theatre one evening to watch a Bollywood movie - in Hindi! it was an excellent experience - it didn't seem to matter that we couldn't understand a word of it :-)

Ursula said...

In the evening we'll go to the theatre to see a movie......a Bollywood movie, in Hindi.

Language is only a part of a movie....

I'm looking forward to it.