Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is it middle of the night?

It's seven a.m. It's a good time to get up. It is also not to early. Nevertheless I have the feeling as if it is in the middle of the night. I am up - this is good.

I must find back to the life here. Time is over that I can still hole up (because it's cold outside or whyever). I'm rather recovered from my bronchitis. Actions must happen.

Step by step.
I still have enough fun: This evening I will go to a led class to the new teacher from Austria. It will take place in a new studio. Oh am I curious.
The mess her didn't disappear during my absence. Something must be done here, too.

David Carse in "perfect, brilliant, stillness" page 287:
"The human object has bitten off more than it can chew, taken on more than it is capable of...........How can an object in the play of Consciousness, with the entirely limited capacity of an object, a dream character, a character in a movie, not be completely over whelmed if it attempts to to take on the role and responsibilities of Subject of the dreamer, of the scriptwriter and producer and director of the movie? The human character convinces itself that it has almost complete freedom and theefore responsibility for its action. It then finds itself nevertheless doing what it is entended to do in the perfect unfolding in the infinite expression of Consciousness, playing its role as it has been scripted. "But I didn't mean to do that!" "I try to be a better person, but I still find myself acting this way." "This didn't happen the way I intended." "I keep doing this. Why con't I learn?"

May I be able to be an instrument of the divine without trying to interfere.
Who can interfere???
Everything is perfect as it is.

Oh the coffee, it must be ready......

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