Tuesday, October 20, 2009

India - accepting what is

My body feeling here is again different. My skin tends to be dry. I put lotion on it after the shower. I do not sweat anymore, only when I practice yoga intensively.

In India I woke up and my skin was sticky and sweaty. I took a shower, but after a minute or so sweat was running down my body again. It makes no sense to fight against it. To fight against it makes oneself feeling uneasy. It is also not possible. How shall I be able to stop sweating? "Accept it, go with the flow", I used to think. My sweating remembered me of this so often in India. When accepting what is, whatever it is, life becomes so much easier and more beautiful.

Yesterday in the evening I had such a wonderful title for this post in mind. I set my alarm clock for 6 a.m. "The beauty of the early morning hours", I wanted to write. I got up at 8 a.m. and now it is 10 a.m. and this is no more early. Accept what is, I think, that I can get up so late won't last.
Life has so many funny, entertaining moments.......

Time to practice yoga.


Anonymous said...

Ursula you probably tend towards Vata constitution. Best thing in colder weather is doing abhyanga a few times a week. No more dry anything when you do that and it will be healthy for your practice :)

Big hugs,

Ursula said...

Hi Anon,

Vata constitution has probably something to do with Ayuveda. I admit, I have no clue about it.

And what is abhyanga. I like the word, but I don't know what it is.

Big hugs back. Hugs are good in such a cold weather. :)

Ursula said...

Hi, I just read about Vata constitution. This could describe me.

To drink warm beverages is a recommendation. Surely a good one.

Anonymous said...

And abhyanga is self massage with lovely Indian oils or even just a good sesame seed oil. It's magnificent to say the least from what I've experienced. Soft skin, supple joints and very relaxing. I dare say it is helping me feel very young at age almost 52 :)

Warm drinks for vata perfect and in cooler weather :)

My fear is that so many ashtangis are not aware of the importance of Ayurveda...it is afterall the sister science to yoga and it is all about the balancing of the physical body. For such a physical practice, it's good stuff to know :)

Ah...another hug back cause you are right, they are good in cold weather :)

Ursula said...

Massage and Indian oil sounds very good.

There are so many interesting topics. Ayuveda recommens to eat meat that's why, to be honest, I am not at all interested in it.

I think the best diet is a vegan diet.

I wish you a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

Oh not the Ayurveda I know...it's all about being vegetarian and vegan for me. I too believe in a mostly vegan diet especially as a yogi. I am a classically trained yoga teacher on a sattvic diet but no animal products. No dairy, no meat, nothing animal. Maybe for those who do not practice there is meat in the diet but for a yogi, no way would I go there. What I like most about Ayurveda is that it helps balance the body like the oils and also the great Indian spices added to foods.
Sleep well!