Friday, October 16, 2009


I can't go. I still feel awful. It wouldn't be good to force myself to the airport to get to Paris to this sophisticated chocolate fair. It's difficult enough to leave the cosy home to get some food.
I can accept not to go as I feel much better at home than on the road.
My belly muscles hurt because I coughed so much during the night.
Illnesses are part of life, too. And it is nothing serious that I have, only annoying.

I'm listening to R's music. I am very content over all.


The inner discussion goes on: When I can go out doing the grocery shopping, I can also fly to Paris. Fever is gone.

But I took another Aspirin this morning.

I was looking forward to seeing Kev, his sister and Magda. Who knows when it will happen again that we meet each other. And then I gulp and caugh and it hurts and I look into the mirror and I know that it is reasonable not to go. Energy level is very low. Sorry guys.


I just coughed. It's better to stay at home. Aua.


Hotel is cancelled. Grgghhh.


I costly decision, but the right one. I just slept like a dead person. Fever returned a bit, my lips are dry. I feel better on my bed than at any other place.


susananda said...

Good for you for being content. That's a shame, I know Kevin was looking forward to seeing you. I hope you feel better (physically) very soon! Cyberhug :)

Ursula said...

This is what I regret the most. I wanted to see Kev and his sister and Magda.

I am still discussing with myself if I shall go, but I'm not so sure if this would be good.

Grimmly said...

Sorry your sick, such a pain when you have plans, but hey you live in the Paris of Germany no?

Ursula said...

This is true. You console me, dear Grimmly. Smile.

I feel better on my bed than in a plane. It is so.

Tracy said...

I am sorry that you have gotten so sick U...
things always happen for a reason. Soon your health will be perfect once again.
Until then, rest my friend. xxx

Ursula said...

Thank you very much Tracy.

It's a cold. I'm complaining a bit, I know. This helps. :)

It's a cold, nothing else.

All the best to you.

xx Ursula

Anonymous said...

Good for you Ursula, for taking care of yourself and not pushing a trip to Paris. I think it's too soon after India and your body is giving you that signal :)

Feel better very soon!!

Ursula said...

Hi Anon,
Two hours ago, I looked at my watch. That was exactly the time of the departure. Was I glad that I was at home.
I mean, I just took another Aspirin. This tells me something, I'm not so sniveling.

Good that you see it also so!

Blessings to you, too and thank you for caring for me.


Anna said...

Good decision - you're a human being not Superwoman! If you don't take care of your body it will not take care of you. Rest and sleep and drink lots of warm water.