Monday, October 12, 2009

I gulp

I gulp, and I hope so much that my yoga technique, stretching out the tongue as far as possible, helped. I felt that scratching in my throat yesterday that is only felt when a sore throat develops. The cab yesterday had air-condition and as so often it was too cold and cold wind was blowing into my face. But I think my throat is already better than yesterday. I shouldn't be too sensitive on my last day.
I asked the young lady to make a chai for me, please. And she did it. On my last day I want to enjoy the sweet Indian chai, not a coffee. Tea wakes me up, too.
No hectic today: A last time I want to enjoy my flexible body here. I will practice yoga as long as I want and can. Sweat will run down my body I know it. For the roof it is already too late, too much sun would burn my skin.

M gave me a wonderful blouse yesterday as a good-bye present. She has bought it in NY, and I look as if I were a millionaire when I have put it on. I must take a picture. We were such a wonderful community here. We all want to meet again here in India, but I also know it is not in our hands. It will happen or it will not happen.

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