Friday, October 16, 2009

I feel miserable

No way to fly to Paris to the chocolate fair.
I caughed the entire night. My lungs hurt, I have still a bit fever. My face hurts, too.
In other words: I feel most awful and cold.
To go out to get me some food seems impossible. I will manage to do this. But to fly to Paris is simply too much.

Health has priority.

It shouldn't be.

(The sneezing is so strong that it shakes my entire body. And it doesn't become less. Grghhh.)


Kaivalya said...

Oh no! I hope you start to feel better soon, Ursula! And I'm so sorry you have to miss the chocolate fair. Will you be able to go another time?

Ursula said...

Hi, yes, next year, the chocolate fair is a yearly event.

It would have been so nice to meet my yogi fellows this year.

It's always something new.

I will feel better soon, usually I heal soon. Let's see, tomorrow it will be better today.

Fever is simply exhausting.

All the best for you