Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hindi class today

It was more or less a crazy idea. I reflected even to cancel the class. But finally I went. The old teacher, who had travelled the world, was very charming. Two further people were sitting at the table when I arrived, but they said no word. We were talking about the taxi drivers, what to say to them and what the answers mean.
So before jumping into a taxi it makes sense to ask if the taxi driver knows the address. If the answer is: I have to ask in the middle of the way, it's better to take another taxi, because then he is not from this area.

I need a systematic approach, when learning a new language. Perhaps I should be more open to other more fun approaches. All beginning is difficult. I know, I know.
Finally I prefer learning to sew, I prefer improving my French and English. I must earn money. I cannot do everything. My day has 24 hours, not more. It was fun, but this was it. Namaste.

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