Thursday, October 22, 2009

Full primary this evening (almost)

First I didn't find the yoga studio. But I didn't give up so quickly. Finally someone knew where it was. Sigh.
I love led classes. Then I do not have to think only to listen. In Gokulom they tought me to listen and not to do my own stuff, means inhaling before indicated i.e. But today I even saw a woman doing handstand while we all should do headstand. Anarchos everywhere.
I love it to meet new people and I love it to meet the well-known faces. A lot of enthusiasm was shared at the end when we had a cup or tea together. What I see is: enthusiasm can surely help, important is to go on and on, also when it's no more so super fucking exciting. The joy comes back, also the enthusiasm, but it does not remain even all the time.

Tomorrow and on Saturday I will practice alone again, as usual. I just considered to practice with the CD by Sharath on Friday. I am alone at home, it could be interesting.
During the weekend we will travel to my parents, to fathers birthday party.
I hope I won't gain weight again, surely delicious cakes will be offered. I am very slim now. I lost 4 pounds lately. I have now 101 pounds, 46 kg. This helps to be flexible and and it helps to fly through the series. Less weight and Ashtanga yoga becomes easier, it is so.

Back bending: This will be the topic for a while. No, it is not boring for me. I practice patience and preseverence.


Mike in London said...

Ha Ha Ursula. You avoid cakes so that you can do yoga. I do yoga so that I can eat the cakes when offered :) I'm sure Ramesh would have said something like "cakes happen". Have a lovely party.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me how do you click your own photograph so clearly and all the angles are perfect.I shall be obiliged and would be encouraged to start my own blog.

Ursula said...

Oh Mike, I must have been too long in sirsasaa and therefore a bit confused. Of course the cake. I mean a few sun salutations more and I've enjoyed both: the cake and a sweaty practice.

Hahahaha......Thank you
Please another one.....

Ursula said...

Hi Anon,
I really like to encourage you to start a blog. It is fun.

I often use the self-timer when I take pictures. Some pictures are taken 8 times. I must be really fast to go into a pose. Often the pictures are not very clear. Afterwards I manipulate them: Light, color, and section.

But as it is difficult to find someone better than me,I will go on with my self-timer.

And thank you, when you like them.
Perhaps I should write a post on taking pictures with the self-timer.

Debb S. said...

All I can say Ursula, is that you are a true inspiration for my yoga practice... How true about the weight thing.. I need to lose more weight, I have lost 25 lbs in the past three years (since my mother died, I have a lot less stress in my life and that made it possible) but I need to lose more to deepen my yoga practice.

Can you tell me how I can read your blog on how to stay slim? I tried to get on that but it says you have to be invited?

Thank you again for your blogging, being a woman in my 50s and loving, needing, living the yoga philosoph I really relate to you


Ursula said...

Thank you Debb,
You inspired me today, too.
I will go on with my book. It makes sense.

It was an advice of a reader, but I am thankful to it. My book must first be written in German language. Then I will translate it. Of course. The market is larger when I have it in English, too. A bit of patience, please.
I feel also motivated to write here and then something on "how to stay slim".

Happy practices.......