Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Mysore class today

I did "only" primary. Now I belong too to those who write "primary only". Hahahaha. It was enough today. When I say this then it is really enough.
Back bending is improving. We added a pose to work on back bending. I'm learning Vrschikasana B now (against the wall). This is the pose where one is in handstand and where one tries to bring the feet towards the head. It feels great to exercise it. It's a deep back bending and balancing pose.

Today I focused on my strong legs. The poses improve when I do this, even though I know each change in focus also means a step back first. With strong legs I cannot bend forward as much as I did before strengthening the legs. But it is important to do this. It protects the knees and it makes the asanas even. Not to forget to use the leg muscles makes them strong and this is necessary for second series.

How I love it to be so challenged.

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