Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An evening on the sofa

I enjoyed the community in India. Now I am alone at home. No distraction in sight, except soccer on TV. I will read and look from time to time how the German team plays. Good idea. And tomorrow I will feel better.


Anonymous said...

Dear simply beautiful person,

You do not comme in Paris for Salon du Chocolat ? Il opens today.

Ursula said...

Dear simply nice person,

I don't know if you mean the same, but on Friday I will fly to Paris to the chocolate fair.

You like to join us (a yogi from London and his sister and a yogi from Paris and myself)?

Anna said...

Are those your hand-made socks?!

Ursula said...

Yes Anna, these are my hand-made tiger socks. hahahaha.
They are so warm.