Saturday, October 10, 2009

Difficult people

Difficult people will be always in our lives, in my life. Every person can become difficult if the other person wants something else than I want.
How to deal with it? Recording Ramesh we all are not the doer. Life, actions happen due to our body-mind organism, our up to date contitioning. We are not the doer! Does this help? It should.
Perhpas the working mind has a task when encountering difficult people. It can find a strategy how to deal with challenging people with a minimum of energy. And then back to the here and now.
Quicker than ever I can get back to the here and now. To take pictures is something that needs all my attention. I love to take pictures, I love to manipulate them a bit afterwards, to make clear what the message is.
I am relaxed, but that topic (other people) simply comes up from time to time.
How I feel towards others shows me how deep my understanding is.

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